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Our Training

Reliable results take time.  Throughout your journey with us you will learn how to motivate and communicate with your dog, why your dog does the things he does, how to read your dog's body language and emotions, how to play with your dog, and what healthy boundaries and routines look like. Build patience, impulse control, trust and learn how to create a thriving relationship between you and your dog. We always work at your dogs pace, and have their best interest in mind. We are committed to helping you reach your goals, and become the best teacher your dog could ask for. 

All of our programs are tailored to your specific needs and prioritize whichever areas you are needing the most help with. We serve Langley and Abbotsford - areas outside of this may be subject to a travel fee. You will notice all of our programs include access to our monthly WDC Training Club membership. This is an ongoing group of past and/or existing clients who meet for regular group sessions (some indoor, some outdoor) to maintain what they learned in their private sessions (and learn new things, too!) These are fantastic opportunities for puppies, adult dogs, and recovering reactive dogs to get some additional practice and have some fun while doing it. It is also a great chance to connect with other like minded individuals, and create a familiar social bubble for your dogs. 

You've got our support for the long haul!

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