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Adult Dog Training

Adolescence and beyond! We've got you. Teenage pups and adult dogs need help, too! Whether you are in the thick of adolescence or have an adult dog needing some refreshers, our Foundations programs can help. 

We cover everything from recall, greetings with dogs and/or humans, house manners, leash walking, building a solid stay, confidence building (yes, adult dogs need help with this too!), healthy play and a variety of other helpful obedience cues. This is for dogs who pull on the leash, don't come when called, run through the front door, eat and/or steal things they shouldn't, who jump on people (or you), and those who are otherwise lacking manners and obedience. This is also suitable for those simply wanting to advance the basics and polish what they already know. 

This is not for dogs who are struggling with severe fears, leash reactivity, aggression or resource guarding. 

Mind Your Manners

For dogs 6 months & up, with no major behavioural issues

  • 5 x 1:1 lessons in and around your home & neighborhood

  • 1 free month of WDC Training Club, access to monthly membership afterwards

  • access to our Client's only Facebook Group for ongoing tips, tricks, contests and more

  • training long line to keep

  • email support between lessons, and long after program ends

  • 10% off any future services

This program is for those who want long term help navigating puppyhood AND adolescence. This program supports you all the way to help your pup become a solid member of society even through their teenager phase onwards to being an adult. 

HomeSchool Camp

While we have been offering Homeschool Packages for a while on a smaller scale, we are now offering it as a regular option for everyone! We see great results from this style of program, and are really starting to shift to more HomeSchool Camps! 

These are offered as 2, 3 or 4 week camps. Typically 4 days a week - which includes 3 days with just the trainer for 2 to 4 hours in our home or yours (depending on preference and training needs) as well as 1 weekly lesson together. Think of it like a modified board and train, without the boarding! This option is open to puppies 10 weeks & up as well as adult dogs and dogs dealing with behavioral issues. This is quickly becoming a favorite option for many people! We send weekly photos, videos, and emailed homework and find it very easy for owners to follow along this way. 

Ready to get started?

Some of our Obedience students

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