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Reactivity & Behaviour

Knowing where to start, and how to execute a plan can be very difficult on your own, and dealing with behavioral issues can be exhausting, confusing and intimidating - that is where we come in! There are a lot of factors that make up each individual dogs behavior. Knowing when your dog may need a little push, and when we need to scale it back can be a delicate balance - It is our job to teach not only your dog, but you, so you have a better understanding of why they do what they do, and how to fix it. We will create a customized training plan to help you address your dogs behavioral issues.  

This is for dogs dealing with leash or general reactivity, fear, mild to moderate resource guarding. If you are dealing with excessive barking at people and/or dogs, lunging and meltdowns on the leash, can't have visitors over, and are unsure how to move forward, contact us to get started. 

We will always tailor your program to your specific needs and be transparent about goal setting and expectations. We have practice dogs and practice people to help set up safe environments for learning during your 1:1 lessons. Our ongoing group classes within our WDC Training Club monthly membership, provide another safe place around familiar people and dogs to continue what you've learned. We are ready to help you, help your dog become their best self.

Reactive Rover

The number of lessons recommended will vary and is something we decide after our consultation, and while the number of lessons may vary for Reactivity and Behavior programs, they will always include the following:

  • 1 free month of WDC Training Club, access to monthly membership afterwards

  • access to our Client's only Facebook Group for ongoing tips, tricks, contests and more

  • email support between lessons, and long after program ends

  • 10% off any future services

HomeSchool Camp

While we have been offering Homeschool Packages for a while on a smaller scale, we are now offering it as a regular option for everyone! We see great results from this style of program, and are really starting to shift to more HomeSchool Camps! 

These are offered as 2, 3 or 4 week camps. Typically 4 days a week - which includes 3 days with just the trainer for 2 to 4 hours in our home or yours (depending on preference and training needs) as well as 1 weekly lesson together. Think of it like a modified board and train, without the boarding! This option is open to puppies 10 weeks & up as well as adult dogs and dogs dealing with behavioral issues. This is quickly becoming a favorite option for many people! We send weekly photos, videos, and emailed homework and find it very easy for owners to follow along this way. 

Ready to get started?

Wilson Dog Co. Reactivity Students

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